Arrested Development

Back again! This week has been a bit of an unusual one for us, with less time spent on development and giving some much-needed attention to our business planning and organisation. Thursday and Friday of this week were spent at a fantastic, completely free (!!) workshop organised by GamesLab Leeds on all things games business. It was very informative, and we now know what ICOs are (we think)!

As we have mentioned the amount of development done this week was a bit more limited. The time we have spent on it has mainly been focused on improving our narrative. Over the last month we have been iterating upon the way that narrative will work within the game, and this week was spent reassessing the work we have done up to this point and seeing if it is really achieving what we want it to do. A significant focus of ours has been selling the time travel aspect of our game and we saw that our narrative was lacking in this regard. As a result, we further explored ways that our narrative can take advantage of this premise, working towards something that is repeatable that allows the player to see the possible permutations of their actions between different timelines.

The best possible solution we have found so far is one that involves branching narrative, as seen in games such as Telltale’s The Walking Dead and BioWare’s Mass Effect to name two notable examples. Our hope is that with this, we will be able to find a balance between authored content and something that can be enjoyed on multiple occasions. Narrative is never an easy thing to incorporate with the mechanical nature of video games, but we’re enjoying the challenge. We wouldn’t want things to be too easy 😉

That’s all from us this week. Big thanks again to GamesLab Leeds for the workshop. We’ll be back next week with another post!

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