Map Attack

Hard to believe that it is August already! It feels like yesterday that we were starting out on our Tranzfuser journey. This week alongside our usual weekly development we’ve been ramping up on preparing our pitch and business strategy for Yellow Rock Road. Trying to come up with any sort of concrete plan has been challenging when it is so difficult to predict sales numbers, made no easier by the neutering of Steam Spy earlier this year due to Valve’s privacy update. The best solution we’ve been able to find so far has been this Gamasutra article, but even that is not necessarily giving us great data to work from. Nonetheless, we’re sticking at it and trying to figure out other ways that our game is worth investment in lieu of reliable numbers.

In other news we’ve spent some time this week developing the artistic direction for the map that players traverse in the game. Our artist Emma has come up with a couple of potential styles. We haven’t fully decided on what we’re going with just yet but below are some of the styles we have been considering:

Anyway, it looks like this typewriter is running out of ink so this might be where we have to fini

The start of art

This week was another busy one for us as we were working in many different areas of the game. It opened with our artist Emma getting stuck into the art for the first time since the start of Tranzfuser. Most of this work was focused on figuring out how the key information in the game should be presented. We don’t have loads to show right now and at this stage nothing is final, but below you can see a small preview of what we are exploring.

Already a big improvement!

We also continued to make progress on improving the rhythm game. Music is now streamed rather than downloaded to reduce down-time during the game. This paves the way to possible integration with web applications, however, that is far down our priority list right now!

As Yellow Rock Road relies heavily on its UI to let players interact, a significant portion of this week was also spent on establishing the groundwork for making the UI engaging to use. Research for this particular aspect of the game involved lots of time spent tinkering in the menus of some of our favourite games that we are playing at the moment (a big shout out to Slay the Spire for this in particular, which has some of the most satisfying menu clicks we’ve ever heard!).

And there you have it! A relatively short update this week as much of the progress we made was incremental in nature. We’ll see you next week with another update!