Map Attack

Hard to believe that it is August already! It feels like yesterday that we were starting out on our Tranzfuser journey. This week alongside our usual weekly development we’ve been ramping up on preparing our pitch and business strategy for Yellow Rock Road. Trying to come up with any sort of concrete plan has been challenging when it is so difficult to predict sales numbers, made no easier by the neutering of Steam Spy earlier this year due to Valve’s privacy update. The best solution we’ve been able to find so far has been this Gamasutra article, but even that is not necessarily giving us great data to work from. Nonetheless, we’re sticking at it and trying to figure out other ways that our game is worth investment in lieu of reliable numbers.

In other news we’ve spent some time this week developing the artistic direction for the map that players traverse in the game. Our artist Emma has come up with a couple of potential styles. We haven’t fully decided on what we’re going with just yet but below are some of the styles we have been considering:

Anyway, it looks like this typewriter is running out of ink so this might be where we have to fini