Life’s a beach

We were in Brighton this week for Develop, a conference for anyone and everyone involved in the game creation process. Being away from our desks this week meant that we were only able to squeak in a few hours of work each morning. What we lost in development time, however, was more than made up for by the various people we were able to meet. There were a huge variety of developers, publishers, researchers, and everything in-between. It was incredibly useful to have the opportunity to talk with and network with these people, each able to give their own insight and advice on how to make games.

As you can imagine, each day was quite long with lots of talking, but being so close to the beach meant that we were able to take a break whenever needed. Being totally honest, at times the experience was a little overwhelming. With so many people there who had been in the industry for many years, it could sometimes be quite daunting as we are so new to the scene. Nonetheless, we were absolutely humbled by how many knowledgeable people there were, and are very grateful to them for giving their time to talk to us about their experiences.

Sunny Brighton!

We came into this week not really knowing what to expect, but have come out the other side reinvigorated and ready to hit the ground running when we get back into the office on Monday. We are about to reach a tipping point with Yellow Rock Road where it will be in a much better state to start having it shown to others. Being able to go to Brighton and talk to so many other developers has meant we are now determined to reach that stage sooner rather than later.