Feelin’ good

This week we spent a lot of time updating our event management system. Having determined last week what our goals were for our time-travelling branching narrative, we used this week to make our event system much more extensible. We now have an improved set of tools which allows for events to be linked to one another, this opens up much more exciting possibilities, allowing for longer storylines and narrative moments that are more directly affected by previous decisions.

We also spent a significant amount of time this week working on the UX of the game. Even though we are at a relatively early stage of development, we decided this would be a useful area to focus on because in our experience, the way a game actually feels can have a very significant impact on how much fun the player is having, regardless of how good the mechanics or artstyle may be. If you’re looking to understand UX better we’d highly recommend this Medium blog.

Who knew lerps could feel this good?

As a team on a tight deadline, a key mantra we stick to when developing games is one that Blizzard hold: polish as you work. Judging by the games they produce, it appears to be working! Applying this mindset to UX in particular is important for us because it is an area we have often left too late in development on previous games we have made. Our hope is that by getting started now, we’ll be much better prepared for the later stages of the project.

Thanks for reading, we’ll be back at you with another food review next week!